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 What is a Wish List?

Wish List is the web page where people can display gifts they want to receive on Christmas, Birthday, Wedding or any other occasion. They share list with friends and family, so they are getting what they want when time comes to unwrap presents. Many online shops have "Add to wish list" button these days which allows users to create their wish list. Now it's time to add this feature to your web site!

 How can merchants benefit from wish lists?

Well, it's free advertisement for your business. Just think about this - people will put your products into their wish lists and send it to friends. Linking to your site and products. Also helps people ot remember your store later, sometimes they won't make purchase immediately, but will add it to the wish list, just to come later and buy it. So, do you want to let them type in product name in Google, or click a link to your site from their wish list?

 Will it cost me something?

Absolutely no. It's free, we are not going to charge you anything ever. The reason we created and maintain this site is kind of advertising we are getting from it. We are web design company, so this is just a good project we proudly show in our portfolio. We also offer wish lists, shopping carts and other software for online merchants, so this site is a way to show you hour work. So, enjoy and don't worry!

 Can I customize the button?

Yes, you can make the button as unique as your web site is. You have two options: regular button and image. For the regular button you can pick up background colour, font colour and border. Or, you can use any image as a button.

 Ok, sounds good, how do I add wish list to my web site?

Please use simple form to generate "Add to wish list" button, just enter product name, description and URL and click "Generate Code". Once generated, copy and paste HTML code to the page with the product. If you have dynamic site and products database, ask your web developers to add this form code to be generated automatically for every product. We can do it as well for a nominal charge, feel free to contact us.
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1. Megaman 20W Energy Saving GLS BC/B22
2. Vent Axia VA140/150KT Axial Kitchen Fan (140220A)
3. Frog Nyokki Pet
4. Kosnic 4W LED Candle ES - Warm White
5. Abby White Blouse

1. Just Like Home - Deluxe Cleaning Set - Blue
2. Imaginarium - Bouncy Horse
3. Imaginarium - Bouncy Dragon
4. Fisher Price Little People Music Parade Ride-On
5. Crayola Qwikflip Easel-to-Desk